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After Dachau  Volume 2, Number 1


Sheila Kunkle

Forbidding the "G-Word": Holocaust Denial and Judicial Doctrine in Canada
Ward Churchill

The Renewal of the Past: Time and Space in Contemporary Political Mythology
Ivan Colovic

Zbigniew Libera's Lego Concentration Camp: Iconoclasm in Conceptual Art About the Shoah
Stephen Feinstein

The Consequences of Anti-Gypsy Racism in Europe
Ian Hancock


On Genocide
The Zaire Camps, Adrian Arbib

Experiencing the Jewish Holocaust in Los Angeles: The Beit Hashoah - Museum of Tolerance
Harold Marcuse

Why One Would Pretend to be a Victim of the Holocaust: The Wilkomirski Memoir
Renata Salecl

The Evolution and Prevention of Genocide and Mass Killing, with Some Thoughts on Kosovo
Ervin Staub



A Literary Analysis of Traumatic Neurosis in Israeli Society: David Grossman's See Under Love
Johanna Baum

'Tell Him that I . . .' Women Writing the Holocaust
Catherine Bernard

Methods of Genocide: The Abuses of Soundscape in Extermination
Gordon Rumson

The Uses of Memory and the Abuses of Fiction: Sexuality in Holocaust Fiction and Memoir
Rebecca Scherr


Untitled by Aaron Levy

Untitled by Aaron Levy


Preventing Genocide: Activating Bystanders, Helping Victims and the Creation of Caring
Ervin Staub

Survivor Families and Their Strengths: Learning from Bosnians after Genocide
Steven M. Weine


Why Were the Jews Sacrificed? Mimesis and Antisemitism in Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment
Audio Lecture by Anson Rabinbach
requires free realplayer download


(e)Text Projects

small receptacles
Aaron D. Levy
towards imaging the caption

Who Loves You Like This
Edith Bruck
Translated by Thomas Kelso

David Bowes
These photographs as "scenes"

Two multimedia projects of note:

Frontline: The Triumph of Evil
How the West ignored warnings of 1994 Rwanda genocide and turned its back on the victims, PBS.

Without Sanctuary
Photographs and Postcards of Lynchings in America, The New York Historical Museum .


Waiting at Chelmno


Genocidists And Saviours in Rwanda
Howard Adelman

Against Denial
Ilana Blumberg
Alain Finkielkraut, The Future of a Negation: Reflections on the Question of Genocide

Genocide is, after all, an Exercise in Community Building
Imre Szeman
Philip Gourevitch, We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families

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