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Stefan Abrams Volume 2, Number 2





Recognition Values: Seeing The Sixth Sense Again for the First Time
Lawrence A. Rickels

Undergrounds, Tunnels and Graveyards: Representations of the History of Yugoslavia in Popular Culture
Igor Krstic


Discrete Objects

Kathy Marmor, Screen Memories Commentaries

The Auschwitz Memorial Museum and the Case of the Gypsy Portraits
Dora Apel




The following lectures are available in either RealAudio or RealVideo format and require an appropriate player. The RealPlayer is available here for free download.

Introduction to a Series
Aaron Levy

Architecture: the Future of Memory

Daniel Libeskind

Lacan's Plea for Fundamentalism

Slavoj Zizek

Hospitality After the Death of God

Tracey McNulty

Bataille, Agamben, and the Holocaust

Paul Hegarty

Kant, Lacan, Sade

Jean-Michel Rabaté

The Corpse Inaction: On the Action Movie and Cinema's Bodies

Louis-Georges Schwartz

To hear more lectures or learn about the series, please visit www.theorizing.org


  (e)Text Projects

West Meets East: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Theory of Translation in the West-Eastern Divan
Translated with an Introduction by Jörg Waltje












A Post-Marxist Look at Pre-Marxism
Derek Stanovsky
Warren Breckman, Marx, the Young Hegelians, and the Origins of Radical Social Theory: Dethroning the Self

The Collaborator
Rei Terada
Alice Kaplan, The Collaborator: The Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach

The Vampire Lectures
Catherine Liu
Lawrence Rickels, The Vampire Lectures

Wrap Doom in Brown Paper and Tie it Up with String: Packaging Gothic in Mom 'n' Pop America
Jimmy Dean Smith
Mark Edmundson, Nightmare on Main Street

Miles Davis and American Culture
Tyrone Williams
Miles Davis and American Culture, ed. Gerald Early

Renovating Otranto's Castle
Steven Schneider
Gothic: Transmutations of Horror in Late Twentieth Century Art, ed. Christoph Grunenberg

Formless: A Review
Victor Grauer
Rosalind Krauss and Yves-Alain Bois, Formless

Of Water and Stones
Victor Grauer
James Elkins, What Painting Is

The Rise of the Image; The Fall of the Word
Robert Walker
Michell Stephens, The Rise of the Image; The Fall of the Word

A Question of Theory
Eugene O'Brien
Jonathan Culler, Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction



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