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Hagop Sandaldjian, Birds
Hagop Sandaldjian, Birds
Hagop Sandaldjian, Habanera
Hagop Sandaldjian, Habanera
Other Voices
      Cultural Recycling, vol. 3, no. 1, March 2007
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Tina Kendall and Kristin Koster


Garbage and Recycling: From Literary Theme to Mode of Production
Walter Moser

Recycling recycling, or plus ša change...
Marilyn Randall

Stories that Objects Might Live to Tell: The 'Hand-Me-Down Narrative' in Film
David Scott Diffrient


Feasting on Technologies of Recycling in the Jurassic: Repositories of Knowledge and the Desire for Minutiae and Exegesis, with the true account of a conversation with the Museum of Jurassic Technology's progenitor and prognosticator, David Wilson.
Jeanne Scheper

Albert G. Richards, Calla Lilly.
Albert G. Richards, Calla Lilly.

Handmade, Repetition, Narrative: An Interview with Robin Hill
Ron Janowich

Robin Hill, Place Sawhorses on Paper. Expose to Light. Wait., 1997.
Robin Hill, Place Sawhorses on Paper. Expose to Light. Wait., 1997.


"Give Us the Dumpsters -Or- Give Us Life": Res Derilictae and the Trash of Free Trade
Daniel Lang

Supermovables: The Fate of Unreal Estate, or a Treatise on the Social Problem Regarding Illegal File-Sharing


The Manual of Lost Ideas
Antoinette LaFarge and the Institute for Cultural Inquiry


The Uncanny
Curtis Bowman
Review of Nicolas Royle, The Uncanny

Capitalist Horrors
Steffen Hantke
Review of Annalee Newitz, Pretend We're Dead: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop Culture

A Critical Humanist among the Professional Experts
Bob van der Linden
Review of Edward W. Said, Reflections on Exile and Other Essays and Edward Said: The Last Interview, a documentary by Mike Dibb

Foucault among the Humanists
Corey McCall
Review of Eric Paras, Foucault 2.0: Beyond Power and Knowledge

Vigliant Memory
Michael Maidan
Review of R. Cliford Spargo, Vigilant Memory: Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust and the Unjust Death

Critical Interventions: Reclaiming the Virtual
Paul A. Youngman
Review of Mark Nunes, Cyberspaces of Everyday Life

History, Herstory: How Writers Make the World
Paul Hansom
Review of A.S. Byatt, On Stories and Histories: Selected Essays

Rethinking Culture
Christine Boyko-Head
Review of Michael Denning, Culture in the Age of Three Worlds

Why 'Live'?
Pietro de Simone
Review of Philip Auslander, Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture

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