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Other Voices: Peer Reviewers Needed

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Other Voices is looking for qualified peer-reviewers!

What is Other Voices?

Other Voices is an independent, award-winning, electronic journal of cultural criticism published at the University of Pennsylvania. Founded in March 1997, Other Voices regularly publishes provocative essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, lecture transcriptions, audio lectures, multimedia projects, translations and reviews in the arts and humanities. Other Voices is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary dialogues while simultaneously maintaining respect for the strengths of traditional academic disciplines. In so far as this publication is successful, its existence questions the role of the for-profit academic press in the normalized process of scholastic publication. In face of real world distribution shortfalls and the exorbitant cost of many print publications, this project shall remain freely accessible to all. We strive to produce quality by utilizing a distributed collective to accomplish all administrative, production and editorial duties required by the journal with a minimum of overhead. In keeping with this the journal is home to a far-ranging group of contributors and editorial professionals including academics, independent scholars, graduate and undergraduate students.

What am I getting myself into?

Peer reviewers play a vital role in the overall publication process of our journal—not only shaping the individual manuscript, but also in strenghening the credibility and reputation of the journal. Peer reviewers will work with the Editor-in-Chief, managing editors and authors, to publish a high-quality online journal committed to cultural studies, analysis and criticism. Peer reviewers play a key function in this journal's publication by providing constructive feedback on manuscripts and working with editorial staff to establish a collegial spirit for our journal. The position will require about 3 hours per review with the number of review requests varying according to number of submissions, the reviewer's field of experience. Given that peer reviewers are donating their time to provide a valuable service to this journal and the scholarly community at large, we make every attempt to minimize the work requested.


Other Voices seeks Ph.D. level candidates and advanced-level graduate students of any discipline in the humanities and social sciences, but especially those committed to the study of literature, languages, history of art, history (particularly cultural, social and intellectual history), philosophy, film, religious studies, psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, communications and new media. Excellent communication and writing skills are essential. Understanding of publishing process, experience editing or reviewing journals, or essays is a plus. Publication and research record also a plus. Please note: This is an unpaid, volunteer position.

How to Apply

It's simple! Just email your resume or curriculum vitae along with a brief note explaining your interest in becoming a peer reviewer to: editors AT othervoices.org.


Vance Bell



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