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Paul Romano Volume 2, Number 3





Trespassing the Limits: Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art at the Jewish Museum
Dora Apel


Tina Bell Vance Essays

Is there a Minority Report?, or: What is Subjectivity?
Matthew Sharpe

The Trouble with Carol: The Costs of Feeling Good in Todd Haynes's [Safe] and the American Cultural Landscape
Julie Grossman




The following lectures are available in RealAudio format and require an appropriate player. The RealPlayer is available here for free download.

Criminal Obsessions

Jean Comaroff

A Form of Time and a Moment of Kairos

Mikhail Iampolski

Unintelligible Lines, Unknown Paths

Alphonso Lingis

In the Wilderness of Thinking: Kant's 'Sign of History'

Peter Gilgen

To hear more lectures or learn about the series, please visit the Theorizing Web site.


Tina Bell Vance, Afternoon Chat




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Psychoanalysis After Auschwitz?: The "Deported Knowledge" of Anne-Lise Stern Michael Dorland
Anne-Lise Stern, Le Savior deporte: camps, historie, psychanalyse, ed. Nadine Fresco and Marine Leibovici

Robert Warshow on the Perils of Too Much Theory
Curtis Bowman
Robert Warshow, The Immediate Experience: Movies, Comics, Theatre and Other Aspects of Popular Culture

A Pedagogy of Resistance
Joshua Schuster
Cultural Resistance Reader, ed. Stephen Duncombe

On Escape
Michael R. Michau
Emmanuel Levinas, On Escape

On the Menu: Revolution, Distinction, and the Invention of the Restaurant
Marie Sarita Gaytan
Rebecca Spang, The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture



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